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You only pay for the deposit today. The remaining balance is due before processing but only after we have determined that the steer has reached the proper weight AND the remainder of the steer (if applicable) has been sold. You will be contacted after that for pickup of your beef. If you are ordering less that a whole steer, finishing time may be extended as we wait for additional orders for the remainder of the steer.

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We do accept checks by mail but your order will not be secured until your payment has been received and cleared the bank. You should order the steer well ahead of time to secure your order. We have a limited number of steers on-hand. When the steer has reached its target weight (1250 - 1400 lbs.) and is 100% sold, your final payment will be due. Once the steers’ target weight has been achieved we contact you for the remainder. Steers will only be processed after all payment including taxes have been made. Your deposit is non-refundable so please do not order until you are ready for some great Third Day Beef. If paying by credit card, the balance will be billed to your card at this time. If not paying by credit card, the balance must be paid within 5 days of this notice or the steer will be sold to the next purchaser on the wait list.