Our Beef Process

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Meet JohnWayne44L

He's one of 3 Brangus bulls that create our herds. He's got over 1,000 calves registered at IBBA. (The other two bulls are also top 10 quality.)

For the record, we average 75-83 lb. calves on 90% of his offspring. That is the God-honest truth. We've had one of his offspring throw us dozens of winners. He's already made an indellible mark on the TDR herd. He has proven himself so may times over and is the definite powerhouse bull in the breed with incredible sons and excellent daughters. He is considered to have limitless breeding value indicated by his national breed ranking against all proven sires.

This high quality bull creates high quality steers. There are no wimps in his lineage.

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Once our calves are weaned they feed on our coastal bermuda grass that we grow for our hay business. The grass is specially formulated to contain high levels of protein. Buy hay online

Our calves grow for 14-20 months until they reach the proper weight. This natural growth process preserves the taste of your beef from beginning to end.

Our calves are finished on high quality corn until they reach 1200-1400 lbs. Our corn has no animal byproducts in it.

They are then humanely processed and our butchers then evaluate the meat and determine the proper dry aging time necessary to achieve maximum tenderness. This could be anywhere from 10 -21 days.

The beef is packaged in vacuumed sealed packaging to help preserve your beef for up to a year or more.