What is supermarket beef?

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Did you know?

"Scientists believe about two-thirds of American cattle raised in for slaughter today are injected with hormones to make them grow faster and America’s dairy cows are given a genetically-engineered hormone called rBGH to increase milk production."

Watch this rBST (synthetic duplication of rBGH) documentary in the film The Corporation.

"According to the European Union’s Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures Relating to Public Health, the use of six natural and artificial growth hormones in beef production poses a potential risk to human health." 

"The Committee also questioned whether hormone residues in the meat of "growth enhanced" animals and can disrupt human hormone balance, causing developmental problems, interfering with the reproductive system, and even leading to the development of breast, prostate or colon cancer."

"Hormone residues in beef have been implicated in the early onset of puberty in girls, which could put them at greater risk of developing breast and other forms of cancer."

"Despite international scientific concern, the United States and Canadavii continue to allow growth promoting hormones in cattle.viii The European Union, however, does not allow the use of hormones in cattle production, has prohibited the import of hormone-treated beef since 1988, and has banned all beef imports from the US. The ban has been challenged by the US at the World Trade Organization and debate still rages between the US and the EU over its validity."

"According to Science News, 80 percent of all U.S. feedlot cattle are injected with hormones."

Read more about the use of hormones in beef and the source for the quotes obtained on this page.

Zeranol is a synthetic estrogen used to make cattle fatter quicker.
A series of tests done for the Pentagon show a possible link between breast cancer and Zeranol.
one of the most widely-used hormones, Zeranol, a synthetic estrogen.