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All Natural Beef Prices vs the Supermarkets & Specialty Stores

The thing to remember about pricing is that our beef is always top quality. We don't sell select or choice grade beef. It's the very best meat possible.

  Kroger per pound HEB per pound Omaha Steaks per pound Third Day per pound
Ground Beef $3.85 $3.99 $11.24 $7.47
T-Bone $8.99 $9.75 $39.99 $7.47
NY Strip Steaks $8.99 $14.41 $35.99 $7.47
Filet Mignon Out of stock $14.41 $55.00 $7.47
Ribeye (bone in) $8.99 $16.47 $26.00 $7.47


USDA Ratings vs Third Day Beef
Third Day Beef is a higher quality product than what you will find at super markets. Our beef is chemical and hormone free, dry-aged and fresh. You won't find that at your local super market.

Highest quality rating. Less than 3% of all beef rates this high.

This is the majority of all beef consumed from stores and restaurants. The biggest difference between Prime and Choice is that Prime has more fat content.

USDA Select/Good
Lowest grade commonly sold at retail. Less juicy and tender.

USDA Standard
Lower quality lacking in marbling

USDA Commercial
Low quality, not very tender. Generally produced from older animals.