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Did you know?

Steers are processed each week until we run out, most likely in the next 3-5 months. That being said, your next question is probably, how much meat does that bring home to you?

How much beef will I get?
It's difficult to give you a final number here, because each steer starts out with a different weight. If you order half a steer though, you can expect approximately 175-200 lbs of packaged beef for $1,495.

The ratio is typically 60% to 64% of the steer will hang in the cooler during our aging process. (Aging will tenderize and boost the flavor in the meat-unlike any store bought meat today). Then about half of that carcass will be trimmed and de-boned and make it to packaging and your freezer.

Plan on 175-200 lbs. of packaged beef per half of steer you order. All of our steers are 100% USDA Natural and qualify as Natural Organic Beef because they are black-hided and are 5/8th Angus. They never receive hormones. They never receive any growth stimulants. They are raised on grass and finished on grain and corn ration for marbling and flavor.

Our price includes the following:

  1. Your choice of whole steer or half a steer.
  2. We will suggest the cuts to you, but you can make changes.
  3. We pay for the hauling to the processing place.
  4. We pay for the processing.
  5. All of the meat is vacuum sealed in plastic and flash frozen which adds freezer life and quality to the beef.
  6. If you want some dog bones or beef liver, etc. that is yours as well.
  7. If you want to make some summer sausage or grilling sausage out of the beef (and combine it with some pork) we can have that done for you at an extra charge.
  8. We pick up your order and bring it back to our coolers at Third Day Ranch in Navasota, TX for your pick up.

We sell our steers by the half so your beef investment per half is a flat $1,495 as described above. It's hard to find quality, natural beef for that money. That includes your tenderloins or t-bones or ribeye steaks, your roasts, your ground beef, the whole ball of wax.

How much freezer space will I need?

You only pay for the deposit today. The remaining balance is due before pick up. We will contact you once we determine your delivery date.

Size of Order & Deposit
Size of Cuts
Choose your steak package
Size of Roasts
Size of Ground Beef Packages
Special Instructions or Requests (dog bones, special sausage etc..)

Limited Availability & Terms
We do accept checks by mail but your order will not be secured until your payment has been received and cleared the bank. You should order the steer well ahead of time to secure your order. We have a limited number of steers on-hand. When the steer has reached its target weight (900 - 1200 lbs.) and is 100% sold, your final payment will be due. Once the steers’ target weight has been achieved we contact you for the remainder. Steers will only be processed after all payment including taxes have been made. Your deposit is non-refundable so please do not order until you are ready for some great Third Day Beef. If paying by credit card, the balance will be billed to your card at this time. If not paying by credit card, the balance must be paid within 5 days of this notice or the steer will be sold to the next purchaser on the wait list.